Software for car wholesalers, dealer holdings and retailers with ambition

Less hassle - Sell faster - More profit

Autofactor is the system for companies that see used cars as serious business. Higher turnover rate, higher margins, lower costs and less administration make your company a smoothly running profit machine.

Do more with the same team

Want to trade more cars? That often means: more administrative work. So hire extra people.

Autofactor does that better.

More transactions

With the same team. Same effort. Same working capital.

Make 20% more profit

Due to fewer stock days and faster turnover speed

Less administration

More growth, more profit. And yet less administration.

Automated process

More automations, lower costs. Less mistakes.

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We help you & think along

Starting up with new software takes time and energy. But our team is here to help you. We set up Autofactor in such a way that it supports you in the optimal way.

  • Build your profit machine together with experienced automotive experts
  • We listen to what you want, but we also know what works for others
  • Also after the initial implementation, we are available for questions and assistance

Find out more advantages of Autofactor

Not more emailing, texting or calling

With Autofactor you always have access to everything. Meetings, draft files, notes, emails and apps? You don’t need it anymore.

  • Integrated communication: all messages are in Autofactor. No more scrolling through WhatsApp, no more searching in your email, no more calling to ‘just check’
  • Our mobile app ensures that your employees and partners have the right information about every car, wherever they are
  • Everyone also passes on changes or completed actions via mobile. The whole team knows real time where a car is, what its status is and what needs to be done next

Insight into margins and costs

As an ambitious entrepreneur you want to know where you stand. What did this car cost me? And what has he brought me? How long did we have it in stock and what does that do to my margins and interest costs?

  • Automatically book all costs per car
  • View detailed reports of margins and lead times
  • Filter by vehicle type, make, year and all other relevant variables
  • Integration with your financial administration for a complete overview of your financial operation

For large & growing companies

Autofactor is for companies that want to move forward. Building the ultimate profit machine now gives you speed and agility. Leave the competition behind with Autofactor as an accelerator.

  • Autofactor customers process more cars with the same people, effort and investment
  • Streamline not only your sales, but also your purchasing. No longer manually looking for cars, but fully automated
  • Start with the basics and continuously refine
  • The flexibility of Autofactor gives you room to grow

Grow flexibly

Your company is growing. Your processes change. Autofactor adapts to how you work. Log in, make improvements. Every day again. Until your company is an unstoppable profit machine.

  • You adjust your process without needing knowledge of software or technology
  • Make complex processes simple
  • More flexible than custom software, Excel or standard ERP packages
  • The Autofactor team continuously helps you accelerate and improve your process

Fewer errors, less extra work

Walking back and forth because you have the wrong key. A car transporter that is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • Automations take over the error-prone work from your employees
  • Set it right once and it will never go wrong again
  • Fewer misses, less frustration, more satisfied customers, more sales

Faster & more efficient

A car that you have in stock only costs money. Selling faster means more return on your investments.

  • Triggers and automatic actions: your cars are ready for sale faster
  • Automatic advertisement management: all your cars are always on all your websites and all marketplaces
  • Administrative processing according to fixed procedures: no paper forms, no errors and therefore no loss of turnover or time
  • Reduce your inventory times, increase your turnover rate and make 20% more profit

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