Sell faster

Less hassle

Grow faster

Autofactor is the software system for car wholesalers and dealer holdings that see used cars as 'serious business'. Experience the pleasure of a perfectly running business without endless meetings, calls or apps. With the proper information for everyone, lower costs and faster sales. Turn your company into a well-oiled profit factory in a few weeks. Automate everything and sell 20% more with less work. Autofactor adapts to your company. Without big investments upfront.

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Do more
with fewer people

Faster & more efficient

Less mistakes


Scaling up quickly & flexibly

Sell more, grow faster

Naturally you want to continuously improve and refine your processes. Then it is extra nice to know that you can also manage the business processes yourself.
After the realization, you no longer need a developer’s help for the adjustments!

More Grip. Less work. Maximum Insight.

With your own customized digital Automotive process you always realize:

  • Process optimization: More efficiency (time savings) and effectiveness (fewer errors)
  • Automation of standard operations
  • Management information: Creating an overview of the status in the process
  • Optimizing communication with (internal) customers and suppliers
  • Full transparency because all activities are logged

This is how we do it. Together.

Via Intake Discovery we will closely work with you to investigate how the configuration and use of your solution can be tailor-made:

  • Identifying critical processes + identifying optimisations.
  • Determining necessary integrations and connections with other systems.
  • Stand-alone or integrated in your current (technical) environment.
  • Determine which reports in BI Dashboards can help you monitor, analyze and identify bottlenecks in your processes based on Data Warehouse.
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Practical experience. Automotive only.

Autofactor focuses 100% on Automotive solutions and has become known as the developer of HELGA and Biddo software.
Our team is packed with Automotive Experience. As a result, we are able to realize the Automotive solution that suits you.

Let us advise you on how to digitize and optimize your business processes. And guide you in implementing the solution.

Autofactor - the numbers


Monthly automations,
that save time and money.


cars that go per year
through our systems


system availability

Our Automotive Components.
Your customized digital process empowered.


A structured approach to your Valuation Process.

Transparency and transparency in all bids.

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End of discussion. Make Professional Inspection Reports of the cars.

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Optimal Stock Management. The way your company needs.

Linked with your other software, or stand-alone.


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You don’t want a set process. Or invented by someone else.

You want to see the logic of your own company tuned in. Customized and without restrictions.

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Connect the individual tooling in your company for a truly integrated approach.

Connect your CRM with DMS, your own Backend systems or any other tooling!

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