Autofactor vs. Autoflex

We are not the only ones making software for car companies. Autoflex is a popular software that is widely used in the Dutch car world. On this page we compare Autofactor and Autoflex for you.

Autofactor vs. Excel

Why Excel is not suitable for administration

Excel is a great program. In no other software package can you as an individual user process so much information so quickly. Calculations, complex formulas, graphs: it’s all there. But if you run your business on it, you take huge risks.

On this page we show you why. And why Excel is not suitable for the administration, let alone the automation, of the processes of a car company.


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Advantages of Excel over Autofactor


The advantages of Excel are clear:

  • It’s cheap
    After all, it comes standard with your Office package.
  • It’s flexible
    You can go either way with it and there is a lot of information available online on how to go about it.
  • Iedereen kan het
    Excel is easily accessible and most people learned to work with it during school or study.


Nadelen van Excel ten opzichte van Autofactor


You have to build everything yourself

In Excel you literally start with a blank worksheet. You have to figure out how to organize things from scratch. And if it doesn’t work for you a few months later, you have to start over. Autofactor is built on decades of automotive and software experience. So all the beginner mistakes are out.



No integrations, no escalations

Excel can retrieve data from other applications on a limited scale, but real integration – with two-way data exchange – is not possible. Escalations, such as automatically sending an email when a deadline expires, are not possible. Autofactor is built to integrate and automate everything.



No segregation of duties, no customized information

You see an Excel sheet, or you don’t see it. You have no option within Excel to display customized information. In Autofactor, everyone can design their own screen or app and you decide who can see or adjust which information. That prevents great misery.



No file

In Excel, it is very difficult to keep documents all in one place. So you do not have an easily accessible file containing waybills, invoices, etc. for a car. Manually creating OneDrive folders for this is impossible and invites mistakes.



No logging

With Excel you also do not know who has changed what and when. Lost data can never be recovered. Autofactor runs on a robust database, with full logging, backup andaudit trails.



oops! Lost cars!

We have seen it with customers: because the Excel files were not up to date, the team simply could not find a number of cars for a while. That’s a few tons of value floating around somewhere in your company, but you can’t get to it because your system isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do. For a professional company that wants to grow, that should be completely unacceptable.


Excel seems easy and cheap, but in the end it costs you money. Because with every hour you waste searching, scrolling or updating, your euros move slower. And the slower your euros go around, the lower your margin and the more you suffer from rising interest rates.

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Overeenkomsten tussen Autofactor en Autoflex

Autofactor and Autoflex have a lot in common. For example, both packages provide these features:

Synchronisation with your accounting system

Integration with RDW

Links with web portals and marketplaces

Generation of invoices

Is it about the workshop? Then choose Autoflex

Autoflex has a number of functions that Autofactor does not have. There are modules for workshop planning and maintenance. These are important if the focus in your company is on the workshop.

If you want to go full throttle on car sales, you don’t need those features and Autofactor is your best choice. As we automate the trading process for you, to the max.

Full throttle on sales? Autofactor is your best choice.

For car wholesalers, dealer holding companies and car dealers who want to go full throttle on car sales, Autofactor is your best choice, especially because of its extensive automation.

We streamline and optimize the processes related to the sale of used cars. This allows you to achieve the optimal turnover rate and the maximum financial result.

The major advantages of Autofactor for medium and large volume traders

Autofactor has important advantages for you as an ambitious, growing car seller:


Autofactor automates almost all operations. Where in Autoflex you actively have to open your task list to see what you need to do (and then do it), Autofactor has it yourself already done.

Car cleaned, inspected and all paperwork is in order? Autofactor will then ensure that it automatically appears on your websites and marketplaces.

Integral communication

Autoflex integrates SMS and WhatsApp. We don’t think that’s a useful approach, because you’ll still have your communication scattered all over the place.

That is why Autofactor has completely integrated communication and email automations. No more searching, because all communication is in Autofactor.

Tailor-made configuration

Another important factor when choosing your software is its level of capabilities. We tailor Autofactor to your process.

So you never have to work in a process that was devised by someone else.

Experience with VOLUME

 like uploading  car data via various methods via API or bulk uploads

and a full logging mechanism for all changes made to the car object. Such features are essential for wholesalers dealing with a vast inventory of vehicles.

Professional Inspection Reports

The ability to create detailed and professional inspection reports is important for professionals who often deal with used cars.

Autofactor’s inspection module integrated with a mobile app ensures transparency in car conditions, provides online reports that can be shared with customers and suppliers and integrated as a part of a company process controlled via automations.

Integration Capabilities

The ability to integrate with various platforms and tools, making it ideal for large businesses that use multiple software solutions.

The platform can connect CRM with DMS, backend systems, or any other tooling and via Automations provide seamless integration to ensure smooth operations across different departments and tools.

Comprehensive Reporting

Autofactor offers a Data Warehouse, read more:

The Data Warehouse provides access to the enormous amount of data you generate in your company. By connecting to this, you can, for example, create your BI dashboards and the reports you need to manage your data.


Autofactor allows businesses to scale up business and adjust companies processes quickly and flexibly.

If you want to expand your activities, Autofactor is the software that makes this possible and supports your growth.

Custom setup

On your own servers, with your own branding.

We can offer a customized installation where all data and applications run on your own servers. And we put together a special development team for the adjustments and white labeling that your company wants to implement.

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